US Equity Advantage Upgrades Its Rewards Program for Finance Managers

by US Equity Advantage | Oct 17, 2019

Tier levels for USEA 2.0 Quarterly Partner Rewards Program

ORLANDO, Fla. (October 17, 2019) - Building on last year's successful launch of a Quarterly Partner Rewards Program, US Equity Advantage (USEA) has introduced a 2.0 version that provides even greater opportunity for finance managers at partner dealerships to earn bonus income in addition to standard commissions. In the program's first year, USEA distributed more than $250,000 in quarterly bonuses.
The Quarterly Partner Rewards Program uses performance tiers to award bonuses based on enrollments in USEA's AutoPayPlus service. The new 2.0 version adds an incremental Proficient tier to create more opportunity for finance managers to advance to a higher tier and reward amount based on the following metrics:
1. Intermediate = Minimum of 24 enrollments per quarter earns a $375 bonus
2. Proficient = Minimum of 36 enrollments per quarter earns a $525 bonus
3. Advanced = Minimum of 48 enrollments per quarter earns a $750 bonus
4. Elite = 78 or more enrollments per quarter earns a $1,250 bonus
"After evaluating our first-year results and looking at how F&I managers advanced in the program, we realized that the higher tier milestones were difficult for some to achieve, especially those who work at small dealerships or at dealerships in smaller markets," explained USEA National Sales Manager Rick Christopher. "The addition of the Proficient tier offers a moderate gain that is more realistic for these partners to achieve."
The goal of the program is to strengthen understanding and adoption of AutoPayPlus and reward sustained engagement by F&I managers who offer USEA's biweekly loan service that helps customers better afford their loan payment, purchase additional F&I products, trade out earlier and return to the dealer in a positive equity position. The Quarterly Partner Rewards Program is available to all finance managers who pass USEA's online exam to become certified AutoPayPlus partners.
When the program launched in early 2018, USEA CEO Robert Steenbergh noted that AutoPayPlus is an unconventional F&I service. "It requires some outside-the-box thinking for finance managers to realize AutoPayPlus is not a standard F&I product, but rather an accelerator for F&I product sales by providing unique customer benefits."

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