AutoPayPlus enrollment jumps 31 percent with introduction of e-Sign option

by US Equity Advantage | Apr 25, 2019

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AutoPayPlus enrollment jumps 31 percent with introduction of e-Sign option

US Equity Advantage taps into consumer demand for a high-tech, high touch

car-buying experience


ORLANDO, Fla. (March 21, 2019) – Enrollment in US Equity Advantage’s (USEA) AutoPayPlus F&I service is up 31 percent, driven by a 66 percent adoption rate of the company’s electronic sign-up option by partner dealerships and introduced in March 2018. In addition, new customer retention has increased by 18 percent.


USEA’s e-sign option overtook standard enrollments in just six months and more than doubled standard enrollments at one year, making it the primary source of enrollment in USEA’s accelerated payment service for auto loans. “The rapid adoption of our AutoPayPlus electronic enrollment process confirms its appeal to today’s tech-savvy consumers who are accustomed to paying for purchases and depositing checks from their smart phones,” said Robert Steenbergh, CEO of US Equity Advantage. 


AutoPayPlus is an F&I service that allows dealers to help car buyers better afford their loan payment, purchase additional F&I products, trade out earlier and return to the dealer in a positive equity position. For dealerships using menu software systems in which USEA is integrated, enrollment in AutoPayPlus is paperless. Dealers who are not integrated can still benefit from faster submissions using the e-signature feature.


USEA is leading the industry in its use of two-factor authentication for its e-sign process, adding an additional layer of security to protect customers’ personal information. Step 1 sends a verification code to the customer’s mobile device. Step 2 has the customer provide the code to the finance manager to validate the enrollment.


“Our AutoPayPlus electronic sign-up option allows dealers to offer the type of high-tech method today’s consumers expect while providing a positive experience that enhances the car buyer’s opinion of the dealership and increases retention for trade-in and repeat business,” explained Steenbergh. “In addition, electronic submission forms are more efficient, saving time for both the consumer and the dealer.”


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