US Equity Advantage® surpasses a company milestone by transmitting $700 million safely and securely for its members.

by US EquityAdvantage | Sep 25, 2013

March 15, 2013, ORLANDO, FL – US Equity Advantage®, a financial services company that helps consumers build equity, save interest and pay off loans faster with an automatic loan payment service, is proud to announce that it has transmitted more than $700 million on behalf of its membership.

The AutoPayPlus™ service automates biweekly payments of mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and other types of fixed interest loans. Instead of one monthly payment, consumers make a half-payment every other week resulting in an extra half-payment that is made to the loan principal every six months.

“We commit to making payments ‘on time, every time’ as part of our PaymentPlus Guarantee and we are proud to maintain the highest security and integrity standards in our industry,” stated Robert Steenbergh, president of US Equity Advantage®.

In addition to biweekly payments, AutoPayPlus™ can be customized to match weekly or monthly pay schedules as a way to pay off debt and save money. AutoPayPlus™ is a convenient service that enables consumers to develop a payment plan and budget for all of their loans and household bills.

US Equity Advantage® helps consumers reach their financial goals faster through flexible, automated loan and bill payment services. Whether the financial goal is shortening the term of your loan, interest savings, building equity, improving credit, paying down debt, or hands-off bill paying, our AutoPayPlus™ is a convenient service that gets consumers on the fast track.


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