US Equity Advantage Memorial Day Promotion Raises $8,900 for Disabled Veterans and Oklahoma Disaster Victims.

by US EquityAdvantage | Sep 25, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla.  June 10, 2013 – US Equity Advantage (USEA) – a leading provider of biweekly and custom loan payment services announced today that a Memorial Day promotion with its auto dealer clients raised $8,900.  The funds will go directly to Feed the Children, to help the Oklahoma disaster victims, and also to The Wounded Warrior Project, to help injured servicemen and women.

“In honor of Memorial Day, we wanted to do something to support men and women injured while bravely serving our country.  At the same time, the disaster in Oklahoma touched so many lives that we also felt our support was needed there,” said Robert Steenbergh, US Equity Advantage president. “The success of this promotion and feedback from our partners has inspired us to plan similar charitable projects in the future.”

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