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Auto​-pay your ​mortgage, car loan, student loan and anything else you want to pay off faster with one service.

Let ​AutoPayPlus from US Equity Advantage pay your loans so you can focus on what you enjoy most.

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What if you could schedule smaller withdrawals to match how you are paid that, over time, helped you pay off your loans months or even years faster? AutoPayPlus can do that with biweekly loan payment plans.

AutoPayPlus is a service that manages your payments, helps you build personal equity, and provides credit monitoring and 24/7 alerts so you can improve your financial standing today and be in a better position for future purchases.

How a biweekly loan payment strategy will save you money on your home mortgage.

By setting aside half of your regular mortgage payment every two weeks, you'll end up with two extra half-payments to your loan principal each year.  If plan to stay in your home full term, you can save $27,725 in interest on a 30-year $250,000 mortgage at 4% APR after service fees. Plus, you can also be mortgage free 4 1/2 years earlier!


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7 Ways Rising Interest Rates Can Affect your Bottom Line

With an expected rate hike in June, it’s important for consumers to understand what this means for their monthly budget and their long-term financial health. Here are seven ways higher interest rates might affect you:

1. Buying a new home may cost you more.
2. You’ll probably pay more on your existing adjustable rate mortgage.
3. Monthly payments on variable rate credit cards may rise.
4. The stock market may experience greater volatility.
5. Your student loan may get more expensive.
6. HELOC payments go up, even on existing balances.
7. The rate of return on your savings accounts may increase.

Find out how you can combat the negative impact of rising interest rates​ with biweekly loan payment.


AutoPayPlus now has more services to help you plan and protect
your Financial Future.



VantageScore® ​Credit ​Score
Credit Monitoring & Instant Alerts

​Free monthly VantageScore® credit score, two full credit reports annually, credit monitoring through TransUnion® plus instant email alerts to help detect fraud and identity theft. ​


Kelley Blue® Book Trade-In Value

Kelley Blue Book® pricing for enrolled auto loan customers. Kelley Blue Book gives you access to the same source of trusted information that automotive dealers use to buy and sell cars.  ​


US Equity Advantage has helped hundreds of thousands of people all across America pay off their debts faster and save millions on interest payments with the AutoPayPlus service. Try our calculator or call us for a loan savings quote on your mortgage, student loan, car loan, RV loan, boat loan, or any fixed interest loan.



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AutoPayPlus Benefits

1. Free monthly VantageScore® credit score and 2 annual credit reports from TransUnion®.

2. Kelley Blue Book® value monitoring for your vehicle (enrolled auto loans)

3. Save time and hassle paying bills. We pay them for you!

​4. Faster loan payoff can equal more months and even years of debt free living.

​5. Save on costly loan interest payments.

​6. Sync payments to paychecks for easier budgeting.

​7. Build valuable home equity faster.

​8. Auto advantage: owe less at trade-in time.

​9. No late fees ever.

​10. Protect against identity theft with paperless billing and secure online payments - one login instead of many reduces risk.

​​1​1. Personal loan specialist ensures proper setup and servicing of all loan payments.

1​​2. Coordinate household bill payment - track monthly bills through our secure member portal.

1​​2. Lower the lifetime cost of a traditional mortgage without closing costs or resetting the clock.

1​​3. Save by adding multiple loans at sign-up.