2015 could be your most profitable year yet with AutoPayPlus from US Equity Advantage.

When it comes to the business of biweekly loan payments, nobody does it like USEA.  With over 100 years of combined automotive experience, we know what works -- and what doesn't. 

That's why we're BIG on compliance, integrity and reliability.  With easy set-up, solid in-dealership training, and innovative tracking tools -- you'll see BIG results.

With the confidence that only US Equity Advantage can give, you'll be able to offer greater savings to the customer and that means you'll move more product, sell more services and generate greater profit.

Since 2003, USEA has set the bar for the industry and in this age of enhanced regulations, stands tall over other bi-weekly service companies.

US Equity Advantage works with some of the biggest dealerships and their Agents, along with industry-heavyweight partners to create more profitable F&I departments.  We work with top-rung Automotive players because we deliver best-in-class service.  

In 2003, we were the first biweekly service to market that was fully integrated with the Menu and DMS. Since then, we have continued to set the bar for the industry, leading the way with innovation, integrity and results.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our top Agents have to say about AutoPayPlus. 

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USEA knows Automotive. We have more than 100 years of combined automotive industry experience.  Meet our automotive team!

High-Touch Client Service

Service is one of our company's Core Values and it guides our actions in our every-day business. Our Automotive partners and Members come first. We're here to support and make our Agents more profitable. For our dealers, we offer financing alternatives so they can provide superior customer service. Then we let them do what they know best and we handle the rest.  We have a dedicated service team, Dealer Services, to respond to your day-to-day needs and and smooth out any bumps in the road. Consider the Dealer Services department your Johnny-on-the-spot team!  Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Easy to Use

AutoPayPlus is easy to use

F&I can go from start to delivering a menu with biweekly options in about 26 seconds!

Superior Integration

Full integration with MenuVantage, VisionMenu, (and coming soon DealerTrack) for a 100% paperless and compliant transaction. 

Unlimited Training

Training at the dealership by our skilled managers ensures a successful program launch.


Transparent Reporting

Real-time reporting and a user-friendly dashboard with performance metrics for agents and dealers gives you group and individual store level insights.