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US Equity Advantage

US Equity Advantage was founded in 2003. Its signature AutoPayPlus™ program helps consumers build equity and save money in interest payments by providing automated payment strategies that accelerate the payoff of their cars and any other loan they add to the service. Since its inception, USEA has securely processed more than $2 billion in loan payments and is on track to save its customer base approximately $29 million in interest they would have paid to the bank.

When the 2008 recession hit, bringing with it higher fees to consumers, record default rates and nearly a third of home mortgages under water, USEA expanded its services beyond simply loan payment services to helping consumers achieve their financial objectives faster by reducing debt and saving for the future.

US Equity Advantage has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is bonded in excess of $10 million by an insurance carrier that carries an AM Best Rating of A+. USEA employs a compliance officer who ensures that USEA is fully compliant with all regulatory issues relevant to the marketplace including state money transmission licensing, ACH network operating rules and guidelines, Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) requirements related to customers’ transactions, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) including annual financial auditing.

CEO & Founder US Equity Advantage

More than $​2 Billion transacted securely

95% of customers feel our service is a good or exceptional value for the price

On target to save $29 Million for our customers

Who We Are

USEA has a dedicated Compliance department that is actively engaged in meeting all requlatory compliance issues for Money Transmitters in the marketplace. Under the State Money Transmitter license statutes, USEA is bonded in excess of $10M US dollars from an insurance carrier that has an AM Best Rating of A+ and is audited by each and every State banking department once every 12-
18 months

USEA operates in 75% of the United States. From Hawaii to Florida, we partner with automotive,RV, and power sport dealers to provide a payment service that helps consumers improve their financial outlook. Contact us to check on the status of our license in your state. Money transmitters are required to be licensed in the states that require it where they do business.

We provide our customers with best-in-class personal finance content on the AutoPayPlus Getting Ahead blog that covers topics such as money insights, car and home advice, saving, budgeting and more. We stay connected to our customers throughout the life cycle of their loan with debit alerts, vehicle maintenance reminders and credit monitoring alerts.